Inge Reisberman (NL, Almelo, 1959)

AKI Academy of Art, Enschede, painting, 1984-1989

(most group shows)

2020 Art-Gallery O-68 – Velp – ‘Noise Reduction’ & ‘Ontgrendeld’
2020 Kadmium – Delft – ‘Metamorphosis’
2020 De Meelfabriek – Leiden – première video ‘Closing Time’ (Michiel Keller/Inge Reisberman)
2019 Rijksmuseum Twenthe – Enschede – première videoseries ‘Respice Finem’
2019 De Vishal – Haarlem – ‘Continuüm’
2017 LUMC galerie/Museum De Lakenhal – Leiden – ‘Natuurlijk’
2017 WTC Gallery/Oscar cinema – R’dam – ‘Hemisfeer’
2017 Rijksmuseum Twenthe – Collectie Wilploo
2017 Lisfe International Short Film Experience – ‘Dialogue#1’
2016 Rijksmuseum Twenthe – Collectie Wilploo
2016 Lisfe International Short Film Experience – non-objective videos
2016 This Art Fair- Amsterdam – videos ‘Natures Mortes’
2016 Lowlands – Arttube/Museum De Lakenhal – videos from collection
2015 Stedelijk Museum Schiedam – Collectie Wilploo
2015 De Meelfabriek – Leiden – première videoseries ‘Natures Mortes’
2015 Galerie 37PK – Haarlem – Masterclass 3D print results
2015 KCB/Museum Kranenburgh – Bergen (NH) – video & digitals
2014 Museum De Lakenhal – ‘The Big Draw’ – animation
2014 Berlijn – ‘2014 Project Berlin’ – video
2014 Pulchri GrafiekBiënnale – XXL video on print
2014 Zandvoorts Museum – ‘The Elements’ – videos
2013 Museum De Lakenhal/De Meelfabriek – Leiden – videos
1989 – 2011 Painting and photography. From 2011 focus on video and video installations.

The work of Inge Reisberman covers the fields of video and video installations and is ranged in the ‘slow cinema’ area. Her videos are about perception of time and space and is often based on biblical themes. In longshots she uses substances like flour, salt, yoghurt, water etc. in an industrial environment She likes working in series, taking time to connect the substances to the narratives she wants to show.

Her video installations are characterized by a balanced relationship between poetry and rawness, between craftsmanship and imagination, in which content and environment come together in a conceptual and sensory way. (text Museum De Lakenhal)

Museum De Lakenhal

Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Collectie Wilploo

Collectie DUO, collectie Vrijdag, private collections