In Secret (2020) is a regristration of a single event, recorded simultaneously by two cameras from two opposite points of view.
Film location: De Meelfabriek Leiden.

video In Secret van Inge Reisberman
Still left panel video-diptych  In Secret  (full HD, 02.23 min. sound)

video In Secret van Inge Reisberman
Still right panel video-diptych  In Secret (full HD, 02.23 min. sound)


Dialogue#1, full hd, 09.22 min.  2017

The film Dialogue#1 shows almost doglike first contact.

The interaction between two people is of all times. The instinctive way we contact and value eachother is a needed and shared imprint of human life.

Film: Michiel Keller & Inge Reisberman


The nine-part video series (zww) shows the almost invisible world of house snails at night. The full title is a line from William Cowper’s poem The Snail (18th century): Where’er he dwells, he dwells alone.

Some videos from the series:
Dancers IV – watch video
Dancers III – watch video
Sundowners II – watch video

‘Hello Darkness’ – Pulchri Studio, The Hague – 18 june – 13 july 2016
‘Hemisfeer’ – WTC Gallery R’dam, Oscar cinema – 7 may – 4 june 2017
‘OPD’ – 7 may 2017 – farmers barn family Schreurs

© inge reisberman / 2016

Still video ‘Dancers III’ from series ‘Where’er he dwells’.