Dutch Design Week – BioArt Laboratories

21 – 29 October 2023

The exhibition ‘Symbiocene Forest – Down to Earth’ shows the ongoing artistic research and projects of talented makers and designers that explore the Symbiocene.
My contribution emerged from the Summer Pilot of De Academie van Leiden / BioArt .

Strijp T+R area,
BioArt Laboratories,
Oirschotsedijk 14-10

Museumnacht Den Haag – Pulchri Studio

Saturday 7 October 2023

In one of the main upstairs rooms, the short film Dialogue#1 will be projected. Dialogue#1 was made by Inge Reisberman and Michiel Keller.|

Pulchri Studio
Lange Voorhout 15
2514 EA Den Haag


10 years of filming in De Meelfabriek Leiden
Videotriptych ‘Nocturnes’ in former Boiler house

23 & 24 september 2023

In the former Ketelhuis (Boiler house) of De Meelfabriek, I showed the video triptych Nocturnes, part of the 17-piece series Homo Bulla.

Video Nocturnes II van Inge Reisberman in De Meelfabriek Leiden, het ketelhuis, op 23 en 24 sept 2023

5th floor of the boiler house, projection of video Nocturnes II

During Kunstroute Leiden, more than 150 professional artists opened their studios to the public. On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2023, the route started at Museum De Lakenhal. All participants can now be found at lakenhal.nl/kunstroute.

Earlier this year, Museum De Lakenhal showed the video triptych The Last Waltz, also from Homo Bulla, simultaneously with the exhibition Bailly – Time, death and vanity.


About her videowork:
Her work covers the fields of video and video installations, ranged in the ‘slow cinema’ area. In longshots she uses substances like flour, salt and water, mostly in an industrial environment. She usually works in series, taking time to connect the substances to the narratives she wants to reveal. Her videos are about perception of time and space and are often based on biblical themes.

Homo Bulla website

Homo Bulla (2019-2021) is the last major video series made in the then empty spaces of industrial heritage site De Meelfabriek in Leiden. Since a while the factory buildings are in transition to a modern residential-business complex.

A new website has been created for Homo Bulla. Click here to take a look!

Video van Inge Reisberman in De Vishal, Haarlem
Video We Float III from Homo Bulla series, projected in De Vishal Haarlem


Human Rights Art Route, Amnesty International, Leiden
18 July – end of December 2021

Amnesty Leiden opdracht in de Bakkerij Leiden
Entrance mat and bowls in De Bakkerij Leiden

Commisson for an artwork for Amnesty Leiden.
In the centre of Leiden there are many locations which show the long way human rights have travelled. Because of the 50-year anniversary of Amnesty Leiden/Leiderdorp department, Amnesty realised a Human Rights Art Route along these locations. The result is a walking route, an app for the visitor, a folder with the route and a booklet with more depth.

The route consists of nine locations, which also feature work by three specially invited artists: Emma van Noort, Inge Reisberman and Izaak Zwartjes. The route is supported by texts written by city historian Cor Smit.

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Ant videos in ‘De Utrecht’

video's van Inge Reisberman in de Utrecht in Leeuwardenn
Left: projection video ‘Scrimmage’ on the ceiling of the entrance of the Art Nouveau building ‘De Utrecht’.
Right: video ‘You never work alone’ on monitor in the conference room .

July 2021 – I am very pleased and honoured that two videos have been acquired for the Art Nouveau building ‘De Utrecht’ in Leeuwarden, a national monument designed by architects Alexander Kropholler and Frits Staal in 1904. After a thorough renovation, the doors opened on June 24 2021.

In the stained-glass windows, ants can be seen, as a symbol of social activity and work ethics. I am so delighted that my contemporary ants have found their habitat in ‘De Utrecht’!

Tweebaksmarkt 48, 8911 KX Leeuwarden

In collection

Artwork Cell in collection Rijksmuseum Twenthe

25 mei 2021 – Artwork Cell is donated to Rijksmuseum Twenthe from the private collection of Victor Pollé and Margreet Aalbers. The transfer took place on 22 May by Wibeke Vandevelde-Pollé and Egge-Jan Pollé. I am very delighted that Cell has been included in the RMT collection. Cell is an artwork from the series Leadlines.

artwork Cell from Inge Reisberman is donated to Rijksmuseum Twenthe from the private collection of Victor Pollé and Margreet Aalbers.
Cell, 65x105cm, metallic Lambda print on dibond

Acquistion video triptych by Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Respice Finem

15 October 2019 – The videos Exitium, Periculum and Contemplatio from the Respice Finem series have been purchased by Rijksmuseum Twenthe. The acquisition was realized with the support of the Mondriaan Fonds.
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Inge Reisberman, Respice Finem in Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Impression of exhibition in Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Artist Talk RMT

On Saturday 16 March, Josien Beltman (curator of contemporary art) talked with Inge Reisberman about her video series Respice Finem, which was on view at Rijksmuseum Twenthe from 26 January to 25 August 2019.

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