A film by Inge Reisberman and Michiel Keller.

26 – 27 September 2020 – De Meelfabriek in Leiden has been vacant for a long time, but is now in transition into a modern complex with private homes, businesses, hotel and wellness center.

A current employee of the flour factory, who has known the building for years, and has therefore also acquired a special connection with it, makes his rounds through the buildings. He says goodbye to the spaces in his own way. An end of a period.

De Meelfabriek, Meelfabriekplein 1, Leiden

Closing Time is een film van Inge Reisberman en Michiel Keller
Keimpe Ringma in Closing Time


26 September – 27 October 2020 – Eleven artists, a poet and a photographer. The artists in the exhibition ‘ELF’ were given a synthetic skull. My contribution is the video ==CRACK== in an installation with the remains of the skull. Iniator and curator ELF: Walter Koemig.

ELF, Marktsteeg 10, Leiden

==CRACK== video, full HD, 03.10 min., sound, installation with the remains of the skull