A film by Inge Reisberman and Michiel Keller.

The Meelfabriek in Leiden has been vacant for a long time, but is now in transition into a modern complex with private homes, businesses, hotel and wellness center. Video artist Inge Reisberman has been working in the flour factory for years, sometimes with the assistance of filmmaker Michiel Keller. Together they have conceived the plan to make a tribute to the empty factory complex with its raw beauty.

A current employee of the flour factory, who has known the building for years, and has therefore also acquired a special connection with it, makes his rounds through the buildings. He says goodbye to the spaces in his own way. An end of a period.

Screening 26 & 27 September 2020
De Meelfabriek,
Meelfabriekplein 1, Leiden (navigation: Oosterkerkstraat 18, 2312 SN Leiden)

Closing Time is een film van Inge Reisberman en Michiel Keller


Eleven artists, a poet and a photographer. The artists in the exhibition ‘ELF’ were given a synthetic skull. My contribution is the video ==CRACK== in an installation with the remains of the skull. Iniator and curator ELF: Walter Koemig.

26 September to 27 October 2020
Marktsteeg 10, Leiden

==CRACK== video, full HD, 03.10 min., sound, installation with the remains of the skull

Dubbelportret – Double Portrait

Old School Leiden – postponed
Two Leiden based artists and two refugee artists with a residence permit, who have a connection with Leiden, meet each other for the first time.

These meetings have been filmed. Two short films have been made. The short films and the work created during the exchange will be exhibited and presented in Old School in Leiden. Meta Knol (director of Museum De Lakenhal) will lead a discussion platform.

In the project sculptor Izaak Zwartjes is linked to Ayman Ghoujal (photographer and filmmaker) and video artist Inge Reisberman to Aeham Al Sadoon (actor).

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Pieterskerkhof 4-A
2311 SR Leiden

Dubbelportret Leiden
Foto’s: Ayman Ghoujal