Le Guess Who

13- 15 november 2020 – Le Guess Who launched an Open Call for autonomous, abstract work of video art related to the theme Representing the Underrepresented.

LGW ON introduces a freely accessible online TV channel, broadcasting 13-15 November, with films and documentaries selected by past performers, Reports from Other Continents, previously unseen LGW recordings, and more.

Open Call Video Art features work by Katja Verheul, Félix Blume, Savyasachi Anju Prabir, Jerom Fischer & Boris Acket, Inge Reisberman, Michiel Keller and Inge Reisberman, Rosa Ensemble, Alexandra Karelina, Rob Feulner, David Carrasco D., Charles-André Coderre, Mena El Shazly, Florian Guibert, Andrea Centonza, Jildert Viet, Femke Huurdeman, Aennor, and Katie Glavey.