Slow Movements

Slow Movements – De Vishal, Haarlem
10 July – 8 August 2021

Slow movements was an exhibition about slow and organic processes of movement such as growth, decay, flow and gravity. In nature that surrounds us, everything is in motion. Sometimes so slow that it escapes the human eye. Slow transitions can occur through natural processes such as displacement and conversion.

Participating artists: Cellavie L*A*B*, Hanneke Francken, Mary Geradts, Marjolein van Haasteren, Arno Kramer, Inge Reisberman (curator), Lon Robbé and Izaak Zwartjes.

De Vishal, Grote Markt 20, 2011 RD Haarlem
Artikel in het Leidsch Dagblad

Video Cello-b from Inge Reisberman in De Vishal, Haarlem
Animation Cell-b in De Vishal

Paviljoen Welgelegen

Counterpart – Provinciehuis Haarlem
2 july – 1 october 2021

The ‘Dreef’ exhibition Counterpart highlighted contemporary art by seven South-Holland artists: Lily de Bont, Maurice Braspenning, Joncquil, Inge Reisberman, Simon Schrikker, Rik Smits and Renie Spoelstra. Guest-curator Aart van der Kuijl.
The title Counterpart refers to the historical fact that North- and South-Holland were once united.

Animation Pulses

Animation Pulses on monitor in Paviljoen Welgelegen / Provinciehuis Haarlem

Provinciehuis, Dreef 3, 2012 HR Haarlem
Recensie door Paul Lips van Spaarnestroom