Dubbelportret – Double Portrait

Old School – 6 – 29 August 2021
Two Leiden based artists and two refugee artists with a residence permit, who have a connection with Leiden, meet each other for the first time. In the project sculptor Izaak Zwartjes is linked to Ayman Ghoujal (photographer and filmmaker) and video artist Inge Reisberman to Aeham Sadoon (actor, performer, poet). The work created during the exchange were on show in Old School in Leiden from 6 to 29 August 2021.

Discussion afternoon in Museum De Lakenhal – 17 September 2021
The meetings have been filmed. Two short films by filmmaker Jan Stap will be premiered during a discussion afternoon in Museum De Lakenhal on Friday 17. September. Meta Knol (former director of Museum De Lakenhal) will lead this discussion platform. More info and reservation you’ll find at https://www.stichting-wijzijn.nl/

Dubbelportret Leiden
Foto’s: Ayman Ghoujal

Na de jacht! – Rijksmuseum Twenthe

5 june – 12 september 2021 – Ten years of collecting in 100 artworks.

The highlight of the exhibition was the newly acquired work ‘View of Hampstead Heath: Child’s Hill, with Harrow in the distance’ from 1824 by the famous English landscape painter John Constable. In addition, Rijksmuseum Twenthe has been able to make a large number of acquistions in the domain of contemporary art, thanks to a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund’s Collection Programmes.

I am very delighted that my video triptych Respice Finem, acquired in 2019, was part of the exhibition.

More info @ Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Video Periculum from Inge Reisberman in Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Videostill Periculum from series Respice Finem