Lakenhal Laat

Friday 14. April 2023 – Museum De Lakenhal – Leiden

Luuk Heezen (known from the podcast Kunst is Lang among other things) asked Koen Hauser, Bram Kortekaas and Inge Reisberman about how they relate to the themes of time, death and vanity, and how David Bailly’s work has (or has not) inspired them in their own creative process.

More info about my video-triptych The Last Waltz | Homo Bulla, screened in Museum De Lakenhal till 2. July 2023

Lakenhal Laat Luuk Heezen in gesprek met Inge Reisberman

Frosty rainbows….

Frosty rainbows and other dark fantasies
Art Gallery O-68 – Velp
26 february – 26 march 2023
Rob Bouwman, Inge Reisberman, Jan Maarten Voskuil

videostill Sal 3 by Inge Reisberman

Video still Sal III

Video-installation Flor de Sal