Inge Reisberman

Amsterdam Art Magazine
Andrea Roccioletti

Tell us about yourself and your work

I’m Inge Reisberman, lens based media artist.
After graduating from Art academy AKI (now Artez) in 1989 as a painter, I started photography in the mid-nineties. At first analogue, then digital from 2000 till now. Photography isn’t the end of a process for me, but rather the beginning. Camera footage is the starting point for transforming a picture into a digital abstraction.
For two years I was mentor for a local photoclub, where I met some people to do experiments in stop motion techniques. From that moment storytelling and motion became more and more important. Soon video came in and took me into a new inspiring artistic environment.

Video making has brought me back to the organic way of drawing which I knew from my study period. I welcomed gratefully the unpolished roughness of spaces and sets next to the minimal and esthetical 2D work. I’m still amazed by the two apparently opposite components, working so well together. May-be my signature is found in the two of them, needing each other like the yin-yang principles.