The biblical  prayer ‘Give us today our daily bread’ was the main theme for the Natures Mortes video-installation. Bread mainly consists of flour, water, ferment and sometimes eggs. The films were shooted in the empty spaces of industrial heritage ‘De Meelfabriek’ in Leiden.

Upstream has been acquired by Wilploo Collection and donated to Rijksmuseum Twenthe.
The triptych Upstream, Downstream and Floorstream are acquired by Museum De Lakenhal.
© inge reisberman / 2013-2015

Upstream  Full HD video, 4.16 min, 2013, sound, remastered in 2015. Edition: 6

Floorstream    Full HD video, 4.16 min, 2015, sound. Edition: 6

Downstream    Full HD video, 4.16 min, 2015, sound. Edition: 6

Impressie video-installatie Natures Mortes van Inge Reisberman.
Drie muurprojecties, een vloerprojectie en een video op monitor.
De Meelfabriek – Leiden – 15-16-17 mei 2015

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